Onion Planting

At Fagerberg Farms, two different planting techniques are used for our onion crops. We invite you to learn more about these distinct styles, what they produce, and when they are planted, harvested, and shipped below.

Direct seeded onion planting begins in mid-March and is completed in roughly three weeks. We plant all colors of seeded onions and generally yield a 70/30 percent medium to jumbo mix. Direct seeded onions are harvested using both machine and hand topping techniques. Harvest begins in September and is finished in early October. These onions are processed out of storage until the following March.

 Set onions are initially planted via seed near Phoenix, AZ in late November. They are then harvested throughout March and April before being transplanted by hand in Colorado in April and May. Fagerberg Farms raises all colors of set onions and produces a 75/25 percent jumbo to medium mix. Set onions are ready for fresh crop shipment out of Colorado on August 1st.


Fagerberg Farms uses sub-surface drip irrigation, an innovative watering practice which requires less water, fewer chemicals and more efficient applications.  The result of drip irrigation is a more uniform crop with a predictable growth pattern.  Throughout the years, we have been recognized in the farming industry for our water conservation efforts and sustainable farming practices.   We also utilize overhead pivots, which saves water and enables Fagerberg Farms to more effectively apply chemicals.


Northeastern Colorado has generally a dry, mild climate which offers all four seasons. The warm summer days and cool nights create ideal onion growing conditions. Our autumn weather is very predictable and allows Fagerberg Farms to accurately forecast harvest dates. This weather pattern has proved beneficial in providing firm transition dates to our customers.

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