Onion Storage

Fagerberg Produce Company stores their onions using two different techniques. Roughly one fourth of our crop is stored in reusable plastic bins which can hold up to 1500 pounds. These bins are primarily used during our set onion harvest and enable us to continue to service our customers during adverse weather conditions. Secondly, we store our seeded onion crop in temperature controlled warehouses. These storage warehouses are monitored throughout our shipping season which allows us to ensure consistent quality.


Fagerberg Produce Company uses software which allows us to trace every onion package from our customers’ shelves back to the field.  Every pallet of onions that leaves our packing warehouse contains a barcode that helps ensure order filling accuracy.


We utilize processing and sorting equipment from all over the world. Our precision cup-sizing technology enables us to tailor orders to meet all our customers’ needs. We are constantly trying to improve our equipment to keep us on the cutting edge of onion packing.

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