It all began in 1882 when Carl Fagerberg arrived on the eastern slope of Colorado from his home near Stockholm, Sweden. Homesteading in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Carl became a prominent member of the Weld County farming community. His son, grandson and now great-grandson have continued this commitment to agriculture. Since 1948, the name Fagerberg has been associated with the production of quality onions. 

It is our belief at Fagerberg Produce that the needs of the farmer and consumer can be served successfully at the same time by adhering to the following basic principles. One, a desire to provide the consumer with the highest quality, most diversely packaged product technology currently affords within our industry. And two, a desire to provide our growers with the best production support and prices possible to help them continue to be successful as independent family farmers. We feel that this sincere commitment to both sides has led to our success within this very competitive industry. 

Our challenge for the future is to continue providing premier quality and service to our receivers through all means available to us. Buying a bag with Fagerberg Produce on the label promises a product that has been grown using the best methods available, and marketed and delivered to the receiver in the most efficient manner possible.


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