The eastern slope of the Colorado Rockies offers a climate that is especially suited to production of quality onions. The planting of Colorado Sweets seed onions begins in early spring while our transplanted onions are planted in November in Arizona, then harvested and shipped to Colorado for transplanting in April. With the help of the dry Colorado days and cool summer nights, we can provide you with a more natural product due to the fact that our climate reduces the need to apply pesticides and fungicides. Throughout the growing season, each field is personally monitored for both quality and yield.

During the month of September using mechanical equipment, 2.5 million pounds of onions are harvested and stored daily. Premium quality is maintained in storage by utilization of computerized climate control technology.

To ensure uniform sizing we installed electronic technology that utilizes computerization so advanced it not only sizes and weighs, it photographs each onion to provide consistency in product.

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